Smile Budapest Cosmetic Dentistry

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Smile Budapest Cosmetic Dentistry

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Fehérvári út 168-178. Buda, Budapest, Hungary 1116 Phone: (20) 934 8225 E-mail:
We provide full range of treatments including implantology, oral surgery, paradontology, conservative and cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening. Highly qualified colleagues strengthen our team, so patients can be sure that they are in safe hands. Our dental clinic fulfils all Hungarian and EU requirements. We use the latest technological solutions and equipment. Our patients arrive at the surgery at pre-arranged appointments. In our air-conditioned waiting room mineral water, tea and coffee are served to help them calm down and ease the tension. Now this is your choice to participate a travel full of attractions and memorable experiences which results in your PERFECT SMILE.
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"Probably no dentist would tell their patients that the lack of practicing good dental hygiene is healthy for you; but, lactic acid definitely seems to be good for you and acts to help prevent some types of cancers, whether it’s from your cavities or from some other source, such as yogurt." But...

Smile Budapest Cosmetic Dentistry
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Do you like horses? Today starts the national gallop on Heroes' Square. This is a race held once a year in Budapest since 2008, and this year's course promises to be a very interesting one. Just take a look at the finals of 2012:

Smile Budapest Cosmetic Dentistry
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It's getting colder outside, so on arriving home after a long walk what else would be better then a huge cup of hot tea. And this habit have even more benefits for our health!

Smile Budapest Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cím: Fehérvári út 168-178., Budapest, 1116
Telefon: +36209348225

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